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D-ABKA B737-82R 'Bare Square'

D-ABKA B737-82R 'Bare Square'

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Contains a real pieces of aircraft skin.

D-ABKA has had a unique history, a Boeing 737 that finished its life flying holiday makers from Germany to sunnier climates and now you can own a piece of her.

These are a genuine piece of aviation history. A 9.5cm x 9.5cm* piece of aircraft skin in our own bespoke design, engineered and engraved 'Bare Square' casing for protection and display. Overall size, inc 'Bare Square' frame is 12.7cm x 12.7cm

Details of the aircraft are displayed on the front.

Please note these are genuine aircraft skin therefore scratches and minor imperfections may be present. These add to the uniqueness of each one.

Stand included.

A great gift for any occasion.

* All measurements are approximate

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